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We specialize in Fertilizers, Chemicals and Petroleum Products


Having our headquarters in Dubai gives us access to high quality petroleum products from the region. We work closely with our partners to develop long-term relationships and to guarantee consistent, high quality supplies from smelters and refineries. Over the years we have successful traded millions of tons of cargo to end users including governments and corporate production houses. Our network or producers are situated across the globe in exporting countries including Brazil, India, South Africa, Australia, Russia and we are consistently working to expand our reach.

Marketing & Distribution


We identify and create distribution channels for your products in your target markets. Through our thorough understanding of the target market, we ensure that your product reaches the desired consumer at the most cost effective price.

Our trading team is constantly monitoring economic and geo-politic trends which all make an impact on prices, product movements and freight rates. Leveraging the latest in technology, trading mechanisms and upto date information management, we ensure that all our stakeholders are constantly kept informed. In addition to our own trade, we also work with our trade partners to:

  • Assist in development and implementatin of expansion strategies into emerging markets

  • Drive implementation and monitor progress 

  • Lead execution of deals

Bitumen & Gas Oil

With the growing infrastructural activities in high growth markets such as China, Brazile and India, the demand for Bitumen & Gas Oil is expected to grow at a steady pace over the next six years. Bitumen is available in a variety of products; with paving grade bitumen being the most commonly used. For further information on the market and to buy Bitumen at competitive rates, please get in touch.

We trade in over 20 types of fertilizers and raw materials 



We emphasize service and performance while leveraging our marketing expertise, financial strength and geographic coverage 


As part of our strategy, exclusive agency agreements with multinationals are currently in place and these tie-ups serve to enhance the products while ensuring no compromises in either quality or level of customer service. We now supply commodities to governments and companies in over 30 countries ranging from Brazil, Kenya, Libya, India, Africa , China and Australia. Glimpex is now able to bridge synergies between our various departments to better serve our clients. We have evolved into a one stop shop for any organisation willing to sell or procure a variety of commodities and are consistently looking for more partners so as to promote business for a mutual benefit.

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