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Global Trade ; Simplified


As a global shipping and physical commodity trading company, we work with ship owners, charterers and traders to facilitate movement of cargo at timely and competitive rates.


Trading since 1983


Trade Finance

Embracing new activities in the financial arena will mean a radical change of business model for many physical players. Scale will constitute an important entry barrier. Trading houses may find highly profitable market-making opportunities in select areas as banks step down their activities. 

Sell Your Commodity 

Having been in the global trade business for over 25 years, we have access to a range of sellers and buyers of commodities. We work with traders on a global basis on products ranging from Fertilizers, Oil & Gas, Agricultural and General Commodities such as Rice, Iron Ore, Bitumen and more.

Find a Vessel

Pioneers in the Middle Eastern / Asia region with a network of partners across the globe, we can help you locate a vessel for your trade at competitive rates. Contact us to enquire regarding the latest freight rates and for a better understanding of local port requirements and limitations.

Convergence of Trade, Tech & Finance
Break Bulk and Tanker Cargo Experts

At Glimpex, we are committed to provide the best in class shipping services and commodity trading solutions so as to become a one stop shop for Vessel Owners, Traders, Manufacturers, Government agencies and other organisations in their quest for global trade.

As an integrated entity, we strive to service and provide a comprehensive support to our clients globally. We are continuously transforming ourselves to keep up with this fast changing world, where we promote independent thinking, decentralized decision making, training and knowledge transfer at every level within the organisation.


Our experienced team available 24/7 are fully adapted and in sync with the current dynamics and demands of the shipping and trading industry. We look forward to hear from you with regards to your freight ideas, consultation and trading needs.




Social Responsibility
Infrastructure Investment

Our strategy for 2015 entails investing selectively in infrastructure assets. Ranging from terminals, vessels and commoditiy sources such as mines, we are actively working with industry leaders to identify such opportunities. Our emphasis remains on building a resilient and highly efficient operation that can operate successfully in all market environments. 

“Charterers will play an increasingly significant role in defining how the shipping industry integrates sustainability into strategy and operations. Demonstrating how shipping can strengthen, not compromise, their customers’ supply chains is a powerful commercial tool and drives home the business imperative for carriers to embrace sustainable practices. By doing so, the industry as a whole can raise its game.”


You cannot discover new land till you lose sight of the shore...

Glimpex is constantly growing as we enter new markets, products and develop new relationships. We pursue an active training policy, encouraging trainees and junior brokers & traders to develop their skills and knowledge alongside their senior colleagues. Contact us today with your resume!


Human Capital
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